Businesses You Can Start at Home

Home based businesses are great means to earn money for many people today. You can either work part time or according to your ease. There are many options available for you to start working online from your home. Let’s take a look:

Services you can provide
If you choose to do a services business, there are services you can offer from your home like tutoring, word processing, book keeping, etc.

Computer Services

If you have a great deal of information about computers and their technicalities, you can start a computer services business of your choice. There is always great demand for system engineers, programmers, networking professionals, repair and upgrade experts and web designers. You can start as a subcontractor for smaller businesses and become a consultant for them. Whether you choose to sell website designs or provide software support, the earnings for these services are fairly high.

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants, or VAs, carry out many duties, they can be answering phones or updating websites. Some VAs check emails and respond them, write articles, type up transcripts, and even do some bookkeeping. It is quite a fun job, if you have a grip on what you are doing and VAs around the world are making good money out of it.


If you are good at accounting and of you have helped out people with their taxes, you can turn that into your new business. You can offer your services to those who need it and are willing to pay for it. All you need is a computer and software. You can find client on the internet, the new start up businesses, will definitely need your help.

Consulting/ tutoring/ coaching

If you have expertise in any specialized area, you can use your skills to start your new business. You can become a consultant in any field of your expertise. From nutrition to fertility to any area, you name it. Many consultants and tutors are making good money out of their spare time.

Selling Goods

You can become an online goods seller. It is up to you to decide if you want to sell products by yourself (like baked stuff or crafts) buy from others and sell online on websites like BidorBuy (Click here to register). Online trading also brings about high revenues. Marketplaces like BidorBuy, Gumtree, etc have made it easy buy and sell, used and new, wholesale and retail, all kinds of goods. You can make very high profits by this kind of business.


If you have a passion to make some good crafts, your passion can earn you good money. In 2008, when there was a global economic crisis condition,, a site that sell handmade crafts, reported a 5% increase in sales in September, when all the world’s businesses were going down. It means there are endless possibilities; your skills can actually reap very good revenues for you.

If you are interested in any of the following crafts, you can earn big from them: art glass, basket weaving, beading, candle making, ceramics/polymer clay, crocheting, cross stitch, doll making, embroidery, fiber, floral, folk art, gift baskets, jewelry/lapidary, knitting, leather, metalsmithing, mosaic tiles, needlepoint, painting, paper crafts, photography, plastic canvas or pottery. You can sell them on BidorBuy (Click here to register)

Agricultural/culinary providers

If you have grown some nice flowers or fruits or vegetable in your garden or patio, they can be of value for your business than costing you to maintain them. Intelligent farmers venture into rare plants that common growers usually neglect. It could be rare flowers or plants, organic vegetables, exotic fruits or mushrooms. If you cook specialty foods, you can sell them too.

Basically any business idea can be the best idea if your interests, skills and passions match with it. If you enjoy doing something, chances are that you can make good money out of it.

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