Best 4 mobile app for satellite communications

In this article you to get acquainted with the most popular applications for satellite communications and their properties.

Thuraya SatSleeve

Popular app from the Thuraya SatSleeve allows you to turn your smartphone into a satellite phone using satellite intelligent telephone adapter. The SatSleeve app gives you the ability to make and receive with your mobile phone calls even when you are outside the coverage of standard mobile networks. In addition, the SatSleeve app allows you to use popular applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, and also to receive and send SMS messages. Among the phones to work with this product include such models as iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6 and Samsung Galaxy S3/4/5.

The application is available for platforms: iOS and Android

Price: free

Looking for Thuraya SatSleeve App on iTunes / Search for Thuraya SatSleeve App on Google Play


The application from GTC has a variety of applications. It can be used to track the movement of the smartphone on which it is installed, but it can also be used to monitor and control a number of satellite and GSM devices are compatible with this gadget. Another handy feature is the ability to send and receive messages from the devices in your account.

The application is available for platforms: iOS and Android

Price:  free.

.Search for GTCTrack App on iTunes / Search for GTCTrack App on Google Play

IsatHub Apps

App Apps the IsatHub from Inmarsat allows the user to use smartphone or tablet to make and receive phone calls, send SMS and surf the Internet using a worldwide satellite network and the Inmarsat IsatHub device. App for sharing voice messages is simple and easy to use, and the application control allows you to configure the system exactly according to your individual requests. The app also indicates where best to focus IsatHub for obtaining the best signal quality.

The application is available for platforms: iOS and Android

Price: free

IsatHub Voice Search for the App on iTunes / Search for IsatHub Voice App on Google Play

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